What Is Coaching?

I offer both coaching and consulting - what is the difference?

I offer both coaching and consulting - what is the difference?


What Is Coaching?


What Is Consulting?

According to ICF, the International Coach Federation, ‘coaching’ is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process, that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

The difference between coaching and consulting, is that ‘consulting’ is giving a client advice and guidance in a field in which the consultant has more experience than the client. Consulting is prescriptive, whereas coaching is exploratory. Coaching helps the client come up with their own answers by asking non-leading questions, helping the client to move outside their comfort zone and supporting and/or challenging the client when necessary.

What is Transformational Coaching?

What all coaching forms have in common is that a coach is focusing and reviewing your current situation and looking into the future with you. A coach helps you to achieve goals that you have set yourself, throughout your coaching journey. A coach will never tell you what to do, or try to heal any emotional trauma from your past. This differs to therapists who are focusing on your past, analyzing your emotions and experiences from your past, in order to help you move on. 

Transformational Coaching is a rather new form of coaching and is similar to life coaching. During the transformational coaching process, the coach will help you to explore
your current situation, and help you to find the areas in your life where you wish to see improvement. Then you explore those areas further, coming up with your own goals and
stepping stones to achieve those goals, with the help and support of your coach.

What type of Packages do I offer?

If you are interested in Transformational Coaching I recommend booking six sessions with me, over a six month period (maximum). This package can be sufficient to work on one specific area in your life. Time frames are flexible however, depending on your needs and requirements. 

If you are looking for help with Stress Management or overall Health and Wellness, I recommend the coaching and consulting package. This can run for up to 12 months, with sessions held weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the tailored program we both agree on. Areas we will look at are your daily habits, how you eat, how you exercise, we will review your work/life balance and what you do to de-stress. Additionally, we can work on future goals as part of a coaching package. Following a consultation call we can figure out which areas we need to work on and create a program specifically tailored to your needs. This package will be a mixture of coaching and consultation.

As my client I enter a partnership with you. You have the freedom to stop working with me at any time, should you feel
you have met your goals and no longer need a coach. Sometimes coaching will bring you outside of your comfort zone and you may feel like quitting. This is absolutely normal. This is when I will challenge you and find out why you want to quit. Sometimes that is exactly the time where you will make the most progress - when you overcome your resistance to continue the coaching journey. However, this journey is very personal to you and you should feel in a safe space at all times and proceed as you feel is appropriate for you.

In order find the most suitable program for you, please get in touch and set up a free Consultation call to discuss your requirements and possible goals in further detail by clicking here