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What is Wellness?

The first thing that used to come to mind when I heard the word “wellness” was a fancy spa somewhere hot with great massages and maybe a bit of yoga. But once I embarked on my own wellness journey, I realised that wellness and wellbeing is so much more, it has become my lifestyle.

Wellness is a balance of a number of factors in life such as physical health, mental health, personal and work relationships, your relationship with money, how to find fulfilment, and how to connect to yourself and the world around you.



Food is More than Nutrition

Food is comfort. Food is happiness. Food is family. Food is life! Too many people restrict themselves with constant diets. They end up being miserable because diets do not work. The moment you restrict yourself from certain foods you will fail. Set yourself up for success and find a way to eat that makes you not only healthy, but also happy! 


What is Mindfulness?

When asking people what mindfulness means to them, the answers are usually very similar – most people imagine a monk in an orange dress sitting on top of the Himalayas meditating. Many people think mindfulness has something to do with religion, in particular, Buddhism. Or others think it is just some hippie tree-hugger thing.

Chances are, most of you already practice some mindfulness in some shape or form without realising it. Mindfulness is about connecting with yourself in the moment, right here and right now. 

All Buddhists practice mindfulness. But practising mindfulness doesn’t make you a Buddhist. Or a Hippie. Or a tree hugger. Far from it really! 

Explore your own unique ways of practising mindfulness.


Just Breathe

Most people do not breathe properly. As we rush through our hectic lives, we forget to breathe deeply and starve our bodies off vital oxygen.

Whenever you notice your shallow breathing, make an effort to take a few deep breaths. Make deep breathing a daily exercise, especially when you are stressed.

There are many breathing exercises you can learn and practice. If you like to keep it simple, just sit or stand straight, and breath deeply through your belly. Breathing is the easiest way for you to feel better in a matter of minutes. 



Do you get too little sleep? Do you get too much sleep? Is your sleep restful? Do you wake up during the night? What is your sleeping pattern? Sleep is important for your health and wellbeing, so make sure you get a restful sleep. You can find out how during my program. Just complete the fields in the contact form below to learn more.




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