Stress Management Programs & Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching is a rather new form of coaching and is similar to life coaching. During the transformational coaching process, I will help you to explore your current situation, and help you to find the areas in your life where you wish to see improvement. Then we will explore those areas further, coming up with your own goals and stepping stones to achieve those goals. As your coach I will guide you, support you but also challenge you to get out of your comfort zone when appropriate. A typical Transformationl Coaching program is about 6 sessions, depending on clients requirements.

Stress Management Programs

No matter how busy you are, I will help you find a way to live a healthy, balanced personal and worklife

Do any of these symptoms feel very familiar to you?

  • Are you constantly on the go and are always trying to complete your endless to-do list?

  • Do you wake up in the morning without feeling rested?

  • Are you always tired, lethargic and just can’t remember the last time you were full of energy and enthusiasm?

  • Are you easily irritable and easily lose your patience?

  • Do you feel miserable on a Sunday evening because you know you have yet another hectic work week and travel ahead of you?

  • Have you started avoiding others?

  • Do you get ill the moment you have time off?

  • Have you heard meditating is THE solution but you are struggling to meditate because there's too many things going on in your head?

These are all signs of chronic stress and could be your early symptoms of burning out. We get used to our everyday pressures and do not realise when we suffer chronic stress which eventually leads to burn out and depression.

I personally have gone through this journey and know how easy it is to ignore symptoms whilst steaming ahead with your busy life. Eventually you hit your wall and realise you need to make drastic changes in your life. However, you may not need drastic changes if you address some behaviours early enough! 

How I can help you

My aim is to help you find your unique way to live a healthier and more fulfilled lifestyle without having to follow some guru or influencer. I want you to become your own guru. You may not need meditation or start a new work out regime. Let's find out what works for you together.

I am ICF trained and work with the Transformational Coaching framework and have done Stress Management and Health Coaching training. Combined with my own personal experience I know I can help you.

There are many different type of coaches and consultants with different backgrounds and experiences, it is difficult to find the right match for you. I understand this predicament because I have been there myself. Therefore I think it is very important that we set up a call or a meeting to get to know each other before we commit to any program. 

Once we have established your goals and how I am able to help you achieve them, I will send you a proposal for you to consider.

If we choose to work together, be rest assured that I will support you through the entire process and will work with you on your tailored program that will help you find a lifestyle that works for you long-term, incorporating your personal and professional life.

My ideal clients are up for a challenge and really want to make positive changes in their lives. Ongoing consultations and coaching sessions are usually online via video call unless meeting in person is easily possible.

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Personalised Retreats

Would you like to add a personalised holiday to your program? Or would you like a personalised retreat only? Click here to find out more.

Not sure if you need help? Get in touch for the free stress and wellness test analysis via email.