Team offsite in Barcelona

Do you feel dread when you hear about organising your company your next team offsite? Do you feel "forced" doing these activities that you just find awkward? I know exactly how you and your team feel! These events can be less than inspiring unless they have been organised with your team in mind! My best company offsite was a skiing trip that was combined with our company strategy meetings a few years ago. There is nothing more fun than getting outside, do some fun physical activity and then get together and work on your future strategy or review your previous year.

With this in mind, The Wellness Consultancy is offering tailored packages with workshops for stress management and wellbeing, company culture workshops and outdoor activities. See below for agenda examples. You can book this company retreat in combination with your own strategy and team meetings. Or just as a treat for your team that surely deserves it!

Currently, the activities are organised in and near Barcelona as required. Get it touch for more information. 

Some of the watersports available is paddle boarding

Some of the watersports available is paddle boarding

What Can the team expect?

This is really up to the organiser of the team event. The idea of these trips is that we are here to organise the team retreat tailored specifically to your needs. We can accommodate different fitness activities depending on fitness level of the individuals in your group. The workshop sessions can be tailored based on the teams background and experience.

The Wellness Consultancy has partnered with Jamie Kerr, Outdoor Fitness Expert, to deliver professional Fitness experiences. Depending on program we may hire additional experts in different fields.


Some of the workshop topics to chose from

  • How to recognise stress & manage it
  • Time Management & Stress reduction
  • Team effectiveness
  • Improve internal process & workflow
  • How to improve communication
  • Rules of Engagement: meetings & email policies
  • Daily Mindfulness at work

Some of the fitness activities to chose from

  • Scenic cycling tours in the mountains outside of Barcelona with amazing views
  • Hiking along the coast of Catalyna including swimming breaks at secluded beaches
  • Beach Yoga
  • Beach Boot camp
  • Watersports such as paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking

Transport, transfers and accommodation are not included. Flights need to be booked separately but we can help in finding & booking accommodation as well as setting up transfers and offer local guidance.


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