Why Stress Management, Coaching programs &

Team effectiveness consultation?

With the increasing use of technology, everyone working in the fast moving corporate world is exposed to even more pressure than ever before. In order to stay competitive, many employees feel the need to be available 24/7, even during holiday periods, and this can lead to neglect of their health and mind. However, in order to deliver and fulfil the requirements of their busy jobs, employees need to have optimum health in order to keep performing. If they don’t, they will eventually suffer a burnout. There are many stages of burnout and often times they are completely dismissed in the early stages and only recognised when it’s too late.

Additionally, companies have the responsibitlity to create an environment and culture where employees can thrive and be at their best.


Absences from work account for £18bn in lost productivity every year, according to the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) report from 2017. This figure could easily swell to £26bn by 2018 in the UK alone..

Statistics have shown that companies that incorporate and offer wellness and stress management programs have less absenteeism, less workforce turnover, and higher productivity and performance. Investing in a stress management and health program is investing in the long-term productivity of your company.



What can RESET The Wellness Consultancy do for your business?

The Wellness Consultancy will work with corporate clients and create tailored, bespoke programs for their employees including workshops, individual consultation and transformational coaching as well as workplace consultation on team efficiency.

Some of the biggest stressors for employees are company culture, inefficient processes and team structures as well as time wasting, unproductive performance measurement programs.

Particulary during a fast growth period most medium sized companies miss to adjust the company structure and culture accordingly. A full assessment aka "health check" for internal processes and structures can be arranged on top of the tailored Wellness program. 

The program can be tailored for individuals or groups. Tailored offering can include the following:

  • Organisational & Team effectiveness review and consultancy

  • Stress Management

  • Nutrition, Physical wellbeing – exercise and movement (Health coaching)

  • Mental Wellness – Which mindfulness practice is right for an individual? Which small changes have the biggest impact?

  • Transformational Coaching and Stress Manaagement & Health Coaching and Consultation (ICF based). Click here to find out more about my coaching program.



HR and Leadership consultancy

There is only so much an individual can do to manage stressors at work. The company also has the responsibility to create an environment where their employees have to the opportunity to thrive. 

Whenever I speak to employees and ask them what stresses them most I very often hear about challenges that can easily be managed and resolved by the employer. What can your company do to relief stress for your employees? Most likely, there is room for improvement around these topics:

  • Team effectiveness: Particularly during growth times structures barely change. How effective is your current organisation and team structures?

  • Review processes, workflow and internal structures that may cause unneccessary stress for your employees

  • How to improve communication and increase efficiency by introducing new rules of engagment

  • How to avoid toxic company culture

  • Create new rules of engagement to improve email and meeting policies

  • Consultation during re-organisations or company acquisitions

Additionally, consulting HR teams and helping them create Wellbeing incentives for continued and sustainable internal programs encouraging employees to take up a healthier lifestyle can be arranged. 

To get a better understanding of how a program could look like for your company, please do get in touch to set up an initial, free consultation and meeting. Programs and workshop can also be organised as a team off-site.

Corporate Retreat in Barcelona

In Barcelona, Spain, we organise retreats and offsites in partnership with Jamie Kerr, Outdoor Fitness Expert, including outdoor watersport, hiking and cycling activities on top of a consulting and coaching program. Find out more here and get in touch for a tailored program. Our programs can be combined with your internal strategy meetings and we can offer additional activites to your set program. Find out more by clicking here.

Not sure if your team is interested? Get in touch to receive a free stress and wellness assessement via email and find out.