Stop And Smell The Flowers


Monday to Friday you are busy keeping up with a hectic work and travel schedule, and on the weekends, you are busy catching up with your social and family commitments. 

How much time do you actually spend on yourself? How often do you notice a sunrise or a sunset, or birds chirping away in your garden? We rush from A to B in both of our professional and personal lives, always afraid about missing out on something important. But by doing this we are missing out on the most important thing – “me time”. Sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses. Stop and be aware of the moment. Become aware of your surroundings. Get out of your office or home and connect with nature.

I have always enjoyed a bit of me time but once my life became really hectic, my “me time” was sitting at home in my yoga pants, without doing yoga, watching TV and avoiding the outside world. I was too tired to do anything else. I couldn’t make myself catch up with friends anymore, I just wanted to avoid socialising and lock myself away at home to “relax”.

Obviously, this didn’t really help me. I may have been at home all day “relaxing” but my sleep quality was poor, my eating habits were unhealthy, and I felt miserable. 

I tried looking for something that would get me off the sofa. I always enjoyed looking at great photographs. And no, I don’t mean selfies with a duck face on them. As a matter of fact, since everyone now has become a “photographer” with their mobile phone, I really missed good, quality photographs. I bought myself a DSLR camera and took a beginner’s course in photography. I now love getting out taking photographs, and when I’m out and about, I now notice my surroundings. I have really stopped and smelled some roses. Quite honestly, there are other flowers that have a much better scent! 

Taking a walk by yourself or with a friend to take photographs in your neighbourhood is a wonderful, relaxing activity that gets you outside to breath some fresh air, plus gets you moving. It is a form of walking mediation that will help you stop your hectic life for a moment and appreciate and live in the moment!