Bespoke Holidays & Retreats

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What better way to relax than having everything organised for you?

Have you been so busy that you did not even have the time to think about where to go on holiday? No time to organise your next trip? Looking to go on a trip that will help you get fit and active as well as teach you how to really relax, better manage your stress and lifestyle? Fear not, we have you covered!

In partnership with Jamie Kerr, Outdoor Fitness Expert, we are organising bespoke holidays in Barcelona. Catalunya's countryside is bursting with amazing landscapes and delicious food. Barcelona is full of wonderful architecture, culture and history. This is the perfect getaway if you would like to combine wellness, learn to manage stress, get some quiet time as well as enjoy a bustling city life.

You can chose your accommodation either in Barcelona or nearby, depending on what you are looking for. We can offer recommendations should you look for more secluded, quiet accommodation or be in the heart of Barcelona. In the initial call we can discuss what you are looking for in your bespoke holiday.

A typical program will include:

  • Mindfulness activties: Learn about what Mindfulness really is all about and which Mindfulness practises work best for you 
  • Stress Management Training: Learn how recognise stress and how to beat it
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle coaching: Learn how to make small, sustainable changes that will keep you balanced even after your holiday
  • Fitness & Wellness Activities: Hiking, Cycling, Watersports, Beach yoga & Personal Training. The Fitness program will be tailored based on a consultation to assess your Fitness level and goals


Wonderful Hiking along the coast in Catalunya

Wonderful Hiking along the coast in Catalunya

What's the goal of this holiday?

Everyone needs some time off. If you don't want the usual package holiday, hectic city break or feel like aimlessly snoozing on a beach somewhere, a bespoke holiday is the ideal way for you to get the best out of your well earned vacation time. The program will be tailored towards your specific needs and goals. The most important part of this holiday is that you will learn how to make steady changes in your life that will last much longer than just your holiday. You can come as a small group or on your own. We can help you set up a program that works for you. 

Find a secluded beach and practice meditation and go for a swim

Find a secluded beach and practice meditation and go for a swim

         Why book a holiday             with us?

We passionately believe in a balanced approach to life. There is no point in going on a juicing retreat to detox for a week only to come back to your normal life ordering take-away every day. Based on personal experience changes should be permanent and long lasting in order to improve your stress levels and be healthy. These changes can only be achieved with an individual approach and working alongside people who lived your life and not only teach it. A holiday with The Wellness Consultancy will leave you balanced, healthier and full of new knowledge that will make you ready to deal with everything life will throw at you. 

Transport, transfers and accommodation are not included. Flights need to be booked separately but we can help in finding & booking accommodation as well as setting up transfers. 

Do you think your team would love this? Check out our corporate offer here.