Cornelia grew up in Austria and moved to London in 1998. In her late twenties Cornelia started developing an interest in wellness and nutrition. She joined her first yoga studio, dabbled in healthy cooking but busy and exciting London life distracted her from fully embracing a holistic lifestyle and she focused more on career than health.

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Cornelia’s corporate insights and experience have been developed from years of working with entities of all sizes - often as the first Sales person - building strategies, expanding offerings to new markets, hiring and training team members and guiding change/integration post-acquisition. Her work has lead to a number of well-known acquisitions such as Accipiter by aQuantive, Atlas by Microsoft and, most recently, Liverail by Facebook.

 Feeling the pressure of a highly competitive industry and stress affecting her health, Cornelia felt the urgent need to develop different techniques and practices applying mindfulness, healthy eating and exercise to her work and personal life. 

In her 20 year career in business she has seen what works and what does not work in companies. With her background in both hectic start up and corporate world, Cornelia has a unique insight to how companies need to adapt going through expansion, how to better manage reorganisations, how to structure teams effectively and improve communication. Team effectiveness is crucial for the success of a company and Cornelia feels in most companies there is room for improvement in a world that is constantly changing.

Following training in Stress Management, Health Coaching and Executive Coaching (currently ICF Trained in the process for ACC accreditation), she is now consulting and coaching individuals and companies. Additionally, she helps companies to review internal structures and processes to increase workflow and efficiency to take unneccessary pressure of the workforce, leaving business clients with happy employees who perform better, take less time off sick and therefore deliver a measurable business uptick and increase employee satisfaction track record.  Private clients find new inspiration and motivation to live a balanced lifestyle incorporating both work and personal life successfully.

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